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Colvert, Achieving Harmony Through Diversity

Interview by Yves Peters with Colvert team
Earlier this year the French joined FontShop as an exclusive foundry. Founded five years ago by Jonathan Perez – who was joined by Laurent Bourcellier a couple of weeks after its inception – the foundry’s mission is to create and distribute Latin and non-Latin typefaces, adhering to the highest aesthetic and linguistic [...]
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Published by The FontFeed, 2012.

The Influences of Greta Arabic

Documentation and research that lead to design of Arabic newspaper typeface
With a few scattered exceptions, the current state of newspaper typography in the Arab world exhibits a striking visual homogeneity. The reasons for this phenomenon are beyond the scope of this article, but its consequences are at the core of Greta Arabic’s definition [...]
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Published by Typotheque, 2012.

Arabic Calligraphy & Type Design

Notes on the development of Thuraya.
Arabic calligraphy is undoubtedly one of the highest achievements of Islamic art, and over the centuries an enormous number of calligraphic styles have emerged from different regions of the Islamic and Arab world. Arabic writing is an ethereal art set apart by its diversity of styles, the skill and passion required, and [...]
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Published by Typotheque & Kyoorius Magazine #8, 2011.

Interview with Huda AbiFares

Part of 158 answers by type]media 2009-2010.
In your book Typographic Matchmaking, you talk about the calligraphy having been a burden on type designers in the early digital era. Is calligraphy now still a burden? [...]
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Published by Typotheque, 2011.

Thuraya: an imperial font's new face

Interview by Huda Smitzhuijzen AbiFares
Kristyan Sarkis, was one of this year's Type Directors Club award winners for excellence in Typeface Design with his newly released and highly inventive font Thuraya. This interview will focus on this font because of its unique approach and source of inspiration. [...]
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Published by Khtt Foundation, 2011.