Colvert Arabic An homage to the Naskh forms

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Colvert Arabic is part of the multiscript Colvert type family with also includes Colvert Cyrillic, Greek and Latin, each designed by a native speaker of the concerned writing system.

Colvert Arabic is a modern Naskh typeface. It is a digital meditation into the Naskh letterforms. In its structure and proportions, it is very carefully authentic to the purity of Naskh calligraphic style, yet sculpted and modernized to reflect its contemporary context. It is pure enough to blend perfectly in long texts and small sizes, and minutely detailed to have an imposing character in headlines, logotypes and other display applications.

The respect and authenticity Colvert Arabic carries to the Arabic script in general and to the Naskh calligraphic style specifically, implicated a large character set that showcases the diversity and richness of the latter. The result is a 1065-glyph-character set with sets of ligatures, contextual alternates, 5 stylistic sets, and an extended character set to cover 7 non-Arabic languages using the Arabic script. In typographic terms, this allows a wide range of applications from simple to sophisticated, modern to calligraphic, text to display.

Colvert Arabic comes in 2 weights: Regular & Bold

Awards & Mentions
➝ Bronze Award at the European Design Award
➝ One of Typographica's Our Favorite Typefaces of 2012.
➝ First Prize in the Arabic Text Typefaces category in Granshan2012

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Colvert Latin is designed by Jonathan Perez
Colvert Greek is designed by Irene Vlachou
Colvert Cyrillic is designed by Natalia Chuvatin







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